The Beginner + Advanced Bundle

Get both the Recurve Archery 101 for Beginner's & Advanced Recurve Archery Technique Courses together in this package.

100 Day Money-Back Guarantee

I want the investment in this course to be an absolute no-brainer for you. And I'm confident you'll massively improve your archery if you choose to enrol.

So, if you genuinely don’t find the course useful, drop me an email and I'll happily refund your full payment within 100 days of the start of the course. No questions asked.

 Did you know?  99.7% of my course students are happy and don't ask for a refund despite this guarantee!

Frequently asked questions

Is the course delivered online only or by DVD? Can I download the course videos?

All the courses are delivered fully online, so you don't have to wait for any DVD's to arrive and can get started learning right away. This also means you can learn on any of your devices, whether you use a phone, laptop, tablet...etc. Super handy for rewatching sections of the course whilst you're at the range. The videos aren't able to be downloaded but you can access them from any location or device with an internet connection.

I have slow internet, will the courses work?

I've had many archers ask if the courses will work with their slow internet, and so far all of them have watched the courses with no problems. The vast majority of archers, even those with slower connections, will be able to watch the videos smoothly. But if you can't watch the videos then I'll be more than happy to offer a refund (see full terms in the other FAQ below).

How can I be sure what you teach is accurate and trustworthy?

The information that I've developed and teach has come from an extensive background in world-class archery. I've competed for the British team at over 40 international competitions, and I've helped more than 31,000 archers around the world improve their archery through my Online Archery Academy website and YouTube channels. You can read more about my background here.

Can you help me decide if I should take a course?

Deciding to take one of the courses is ultimately down to you. But if you want to get a feel for how I teach, I'd suggest looking at some of my free content first on YouTube and on the Online Archery Academy website.

Can I get a refund if I'm not happy with the course?

Absolutely - there's a 100 day money-back period. No questions asked. This is just subject to a $10 admin charge to cover card processing fees.

Within this 100 days, if you haven't accessed the online course materials you will get a full refund. If you've already studied parts of the course, your refund will just be reduced by the percentage of the content you've viewed. For example, if you studied 40% of the course, you'll get a 60% refund.

Are my card details safe?

This website and all payments are hosted by a leading international e-learning company that specialises in online courses. They use guaranteed security using one of the most advanced encrypted systems on the market. Any card and personal information is processed and encrypted securely using industry-leading encryption and fraud prevention tools.
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